Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Best in Olive Branch, MS, plus scores as of 4/3/09 - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Andy Wise

Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Best in Olive Branch, MS, plus scores as of 4/3/09


For the fourth consecutive week, not a single Memphis/Shelby County restaurant failed its health inspection.

So we had to cross the river to find this week's violations.

According to a Crittenden County, AR, Health Department inspection report, Willie Mae's Rib Haus, 321 W. Broadway St. in West Memphis, was cited for a leaking hand sink; unclean "food containers, surfaces of equipment, shelves, chopping equipment"; "accumulation of grease" on the floor by the deep fryer; and a "...broken thermometer in 3-door refrig."

I called owner Kenneth Polk twice, leaving a message with a very courteous employee.  Polk never called back.

But I did get a response from Osi Imomoh, food and beverage director for Southland Greyhound Park, 1550 N. Ingram Blvd. in West Memphis.  A health inspector cited the park's World Market Buffet for employees not wearing hair restraints while preparing food.  The report also knocks the restaurant for a meat slicer that had not been cleaned.

Imomoh told me on the phone that the inspector arrived less than an hour before the buffet opened, smack in the middle of food preparation.

"The employee had just sliced out a pork loin for the buffet to start at 11am," he says.  "We tried to explain that my employee just sliced the meat for buffet service. We've coached our employees to clean immediately after cutting meat from now on, and we issued two new hair hats per employee just to make sure."

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Old Style BBQ, 8920 Expressway Drive (near U.S. Highway 78 and Mississippi 305), Olive Branch, MS, 662-895-9932,

For 34 years, Old Style BBQ has been a breakfast, lunch and dinner fixture in Olive Branch.  Folks there overwhelmingly voted it as the Best Place to Eat on that side of Desoto County.

Visiting the lunch crowd, I could see that Old Style BBQ was the place -- to BE seen!

"This is one of those places that if you get here early in the morning, you can solve world problems (at) certain tables," says Olive Branch Mayor Sam Rikard with a BBQ pork sandwich sitting in front of him.

Folks think of owners Rick and Carla Dlugach as family.  But Rick won't think you're close enough to share his ribs recipe!

"I won't even tell my wife because she's kind of like the dog on the bushes thing, spreading the word on it," jokes Rick.  

Someone's in the dog house this weekend...

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Ribs, BBQ nachos, BBQ turkey sandwich

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