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MS woman pushes for Elvis car tags

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She used to date Elvis, and now the King's former girlfriend wants his face on her license plate.  Jane Willbanks Gowen is supporting legislation for Mississippi drivers to get an Elvis plate.

Gowen said Elvis was a close personal friend, and is someone she still remembers fondly.

"We just had fun. He was a wonderful guy," she said. "He was religious, he was witty, intelligent and just a lot of fun to be with."

Gowen first met Presley in 1958, as he was leaving Memphis to prepare for his stint in the Army. Gowen was in the crowd of well wishers with her girlfriends when Elvis spotted her, standing there in a white leather coat....

"He saw me in the crowd," she said. "George Klein was there, so I knew I was in the right place. He asked me to get up on the train steps."

It was there where the famous picture of their kiss goodbye was taken, and later published worldwide. Elvis said he would remember her, and when she came to Germany to visit her chaplain uncle, Gowen said, they spent lots of time together.

Gowen said Elvis gave her gifts like teddy bears, a ring, and a sweater. She believes he would be very touched over the tag honor.

"He would be so tickled today over this tag, and all that he was honored," she said. "He would be. That would be a dream of his, I'm sure."

As for any specialized tag, they must pre-sell 300 before the Mississippi Tax Commission will begin production.

The Create Foundation of Tupelo will manage the funds, which will go towards a home for disadvantaged youth.

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