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Fayette County women learning art of self defense

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FAYETTE COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - It's all fun and games until the cops show up, at least according to Deputy Jim Furr's shirt. 

But some Fayette county women are learning that what they do before the cops show up is very important.

"I don't feel unsafe in Somerville but in Memphis there's areas I'm in I do feel unsafe," says resident Beth Webb.

Candice Haynes is busy teaching women like Webb how to defend themselves anywhere, anytime. She says its about distracting your attacker until you can escape.

"Get our hands up and take care of ourselves and hit and knock and kick," adds resident Joy Gore. 

"It's very easy to break a bone, and these women have learned how to break several bones - elbow, shoulder, knee," adds Fayette County Sheriff's Deputy and Instructor Candice Haynes.

In addition to safety tips, the women are taught how to strike an attacker, how to protect themselves against a weapon and how to get away safely.

"I'm out in Memphis overnight by myself running routes and I felt like I needed something so if I had someone approach me I would know how to defend myself," continues Webb.

"Its an empowerment thing...it promotes self confidence and self awareness," says Ray Garcia with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

These classes give women the self confidence to stay safe.

"They learn fighting stance, how to protect their face and how to block any sort of hits to the head," adds Haynes.

And escaping a dangerous situation is what its all about.

These self defense classes are free.  If your church or civic group is interested in signing up, call Fayette county deputy Candice Haynes at 901-466-3911.

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