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Jarvis Greer

Grizzlies Gay Takes BP with Redbirds

With the Grizzlies season over and the Redbirds just getting into full swing, it's a rare day when the two worlds collide.

But today they did just that...

Grizzlies star Rudy Gay, wearing the longest baseball pants in the history of the game, stopped by Autozone park before the Birds game against Nashville to take his turn at BP.

Rudy promises he's not planning a Michael Jordan like move into baseball, but did set some lofty goals for his time at the plate.

  Gay says he'll hit at least one over the fence.. He says he was The Man at 14 years old with a Baseball bat.. But, he then grew 5 inches, picked up a basketball and that was that.

Believe it or not, Rudy does go yard, sending one onto the bluff in left field.

He even gets to keep his first homerun ball to add to his trophy case.

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