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Brighton residents upset about ditch behind their house

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BRIGHTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Some Brighton residents say a ditch behind their homes is a fact, it's even killed one of the resident's pets.  But what's being done about it? 

Residents in Woodlawn Subdivision say mold on their fence is coming from water in an overgrown creek behind the fence.

"We don't like the ditch...we would like to see it be filled in," resident Brandy Sickles said.

"It either needs to be cleaned out or needs to have a culvert put in to where it can drain," resident Drew Danford added.

Danford says when it rains, water from the ditch backs up into his yard, killing his grass and his shrubs, and that's not the only thing this ditch has killed.  

"About four months ago my dog got bit by a snake coming out of there before my husband could get to him he died," Sickles said.

Neighbors have pleaded with city officials to do something about the drainage problem, but...

"It's sitting on private property...if people would look at their deeds, they would find the ditch in on private property," said Brighton Mayor Jeff Scott.

Scott has ditches on his property - he has to keep them cleaned out himself.

"Its private property, you can't spend taxpayer money on private property no matter what the problem or how sorry you feel for someone," Scott said.

Officials say residents either have to clean up the ditch themselves or deed their portion of the ditch to the city to cleanup. 

 "If I clean up my section of the ditch out, pay somebody to excavate it, clean it out, all I'm gonna have is a pond, I ain't gonna have nothing but a pond," Danford said.

But no matter who cleans up the mess, residents agree it would be money well spent. 

If homeowners agree to clean up the problem themselves, Brighton's mayor says the city would help engineer the project.  He's also looking in to whether or not there's federal stimulus money that could help fund a clean up project.   

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