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Special Report: Dr. Ammo

Dr. Randeep Mann Dr. Randeep Mann

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GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC-TV) - Could a former Germantown doctor, indicted in Arkansas on federal weapons charges, be connected to a car bombing in West Memphis?

Dr. Randeep Mann has an explosive history with authorities in both Tennessee and Arkansas.  He's not only a doctor…he's also a licensed arms collector.  It's a hobby that landed him in jail, and investigators have seen his weapons before - in Germantown.

Mann's former home in Germantown is a house with a history.

"We did know Randeep Mann owned it," current owner Lynn Sutherland said. "That was in 2003 we bought the house."

Lynn and Ernie Sutherland live there now, and have heard stories about what went on when Dr. Mann owned the property.

"There were weapons found here and heavy artillery," Lynn said.

"High powered weapons and ammunition of different types," Ernie added.

The arsenal of weapons was so alarming a neighbor called police.  The neighbor, who did not want to appear on camera, said he was invited to Mann's home on Christmas Eve in 2000 for a beer.  When he went inside, he was shown a whole house filled with high-powered weapons - 200 machine guns locked in huge gun cases. 

The neighbor said in a room upstairs, there was a .50 caliber machine gun on a stand.  He saw more guns in the garage, while the ammo was kept in a storage shed off the garage.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms searched Mann's Germantown home in 2000, and determined he had properly registered all the weapons and had the license to own them.

That may not be the case in Arkansas, where just last month, ATF agents searched Mann's new home in London, after city workers made a surprising discovery.

"I'm glad we found it instead of somebody else," city employee Mark Rinke said.

Rinke and a co-worker were checking water meters near the doctor's home when they stumbled upon a half-buried bag.

"When I found it I just took the co-worker up there with me, and at first I didn't think it was anything - just trash," he said.

That trash turned out to be 98 highly explosive grenades.

"In a military container," Rinke said. "Triple wrapped in a hefty bag."

Investigators turned to Mann, and when they searched his home, they uncovered an arsenal very similar to the one uncovered in Germantown almost nine years earlier.

In fact, the ATF believes Mann moved the Germantown arsenal to Arkansas.  Court records show Arkansas State Police uncovered 110 fully automatic guns located throughout the doctor's house, spread out on the floor, inside closets and locked in safes. He also had grenade launchers, and ATF agents say they found $50,000 in cash inside the home, and $34,000 hidden inside the trunk of a car.

Once again the guns were properly registered, but not the grenades.

"Randeep Mann is charged with possessing Title Two weapons that are not registered with the ATF," the ATF's Grover Crossland said. "The explosive devices were not registered, and therefore he cannot possess them."

For now, the Feds possess Mann, and West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert believes the doctor could be in even more trouble.

"I think they interviewed him on February fourth, the same day Dr. Pierce was bombed," Paudert said.

Dr. Trent Pierce, the former head of the Arkansas Medical Disciplinary Board, was critically injured in a car bombing in West Memphis.  Investigators questioned Mann in the bombing because of his numerous appearances in front of Pierce's board.

During a hearing in 2006, Pierce denied reinstating Mann's narcotics license, after state records showed at least 10 of Mann's patients died from overdoses.

Mann said his supporters were shut out of the hearing.

"If you've got something bad to say they want to hear you," he told reporters outside the meeting. "If you've got something good to say, forget it."

Paudert says the ATF shouldn't forget Mann.

"These items-grenade launchers are used in warfare," he said. "They're not used in a civilian environment. They're made to cause death."

Paudert said he would not rule Mann out as a suspect.

"Absolutely not.  I wouldn't have ruled him out in the very beginning," he said.

ATF investigators say Mann is a person of interest in the West Memphis bombing, but add that list is long.  What they know for sure is they've seen this doctor and his arsenal before, on a quite street in Germantown.

The attorney representing Mann was not willing to interview for this story.

Mann is charged only with possessing explosive devices not properly registered with the ATF.  His attorney wants the weapons charges dropped, and just two weeks ago Mann sued Pierce and the Arkansas Medical Board, claiming the Board was prejudiced against him because he is a native of India and is Hindu.

We'll keep you updated on both cases - and the car bombing in West Memphis.

To read the criminal complaint against Randeep Mann, click here: http://showtime.arkansasonline.com/e/pdf3/Doctor-Grenade.pdf

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