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Police catch thieves breaking into warehouse

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Four men were arrested after police caught them breaking into a Memphis tire distribution warehouse.

Police say a band of crooks cut their way into CMA Tire Distribution while most people were in church Sunday morning.

"This was bent out," warehouse manager Bob Humlicek said as he showed where the thieves busted in. "That got them access to the panel so they could cut it."

Humlicek said the thieves somehow avoided motion sensors, so he's thankful a citizen tipped police that the four men were piling tires into a car and pickup.

"It's obviously not their first time doing it," he said.

Police arrived in time to watch the suspects haul away the last load of tires.  The crooks made off with more than $60,000, 125 tires, computers and computer accessories, but were picked up a short time later.

Police charged the men with burglary.  The computer thefts mean CMA lost all its data, and the operation won't be back up until Wednesday.

"This here covers all the shipments in the United States down to Mexico and up into Canada," Humlicek said.

The city, he added, has a problem.  It's the second time Humlicek's warehouse has suffered a break-in this year.

"Everybody talks about putting more police officers on the streets," he said.

And he hopes police spare no resource for justice.

"I'm just hoping that we're able to put these four guys away," he said.

The suspects' bonds range from $50,000 to $100,000.  Three appeared in court early Monday, while the fourth has a court date next month.

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