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Unlikely best friends adopted as pair

BRISTOL, Virginia (NBC News) - A pair of unlikely friends have found a new home.

A goat and a dog were picked up by animal control officers two weeks ago after a resident found them roaming the streets of Bristol, Virginia.
Officers realized the two shared a unique bond and decided to put Thelma and Louise up for adoption as a pair.
A woman named Hope Street heard the adorable story of the odd couple and immediately decided to offer them a good home.

"It was just a sweet story about the two being separate, not wanting to be separated, and we had had a similar incident with one of our goats and dogs," said Street. "One of our dogs thought one of our newborn goats was her puppy. So, we had a similar... and we had a hard time getting her - getting them two separated."

Street and her husband own a 40-acre farm in Carter County. They say they plan on making sure the two best friends have everything they need.

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