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Reported by Andy Wise

Ask Andy: E-mail job scams

In the market for a job makes you a target for a scam.

The bad guys are combing job-hunting sites like and for resumes and e-mail addresses.  They build lists of those addresses, then spam thousands of job-hunters with offers they should refuse.

Here are just three of the job scams revealed by Internet ScamBusters (

* THE PAYMENT-PROCESSING SCAM.  You're offered a job as a U-S payment-processing rep for a foreign firm. The phony firm got your info from your resume posting on a job site. The firm arranges to have its American customers send their "payments" directly to you, and your job is to forward the money to the firm via wire transfer or PayPal account.

  What they're doing is laundering other victims' money through YOU so that YOUR address shows up in the paper trail. Suddenly, the cops show up at your door.

* THE BACKGROUND-CHECK SCAM. Someone answers your resume posting, interviews you on the phone, then asks for your Social Security number to run a background check. Need I say more?

* THE TRAVEL-COST SCAM. First, an e-mail. Then, a phone interview. Then, they want your credit card number to fly you in at a discounted rate for a face-to-face interview, and don't worry, they'll reimburse you.

   There is no company.  There is no job.  They just stole your credit card number.

Read about other Internet job scams at this ScamBusters link:




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