Mall Safety

Millions of Americans will pack malls this holiday season and terror experts warn those malls are potential targets for attacks. They are considered quote "soft targets" by security experts. Experts say an attack at a major shopping center would make Americans fearful of normal activities.

But police here in the Mid-South and all across the country are going above and beyond to keep you safe. "There are practices and procedures that I can't share with you in which we enacted to be able to help secure the facilities to reduce the opportunities for that to take place." says security expert Tom Walton.

This time of year patrols are always beefed up around shopping centers and other places where large crowds with lots of money gather. Police say instead of worrying about terrorists people need to be on the lookout for crooks and thieves. The best thing you can do is use common sense when you're at the mall. Put your packages in the trunk to keep them out of site, park in well lit areas, and always be aware of your surroundings.