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Jarvis Greer

Bledsoe Picks Kentucky/Pastnere Back to Work

Don't Worry about New Tigers Basketball Coach Josh Pastner fretting over losing a recruit.

Pastner lost a battle with former Tigers Boss John Calipari for the services of Hot Shot Point Guard Eric Bledsoe of Birmingham.

Cal convinced Bledsoe to go to Kentucky, despite vigorously recruiting Consensus #1 PG John Wall.

Speaking at Wednesday nights' Tiger Scholarship Fund outing at the Hilton, Pastner says, as a Rookie Head Coach, understands the deal..especially after spending the past year recruiting FOR Calipari at Memphis.

Pastner says that's the position the Tigers are in..but, Pastner adds: "There are guys out there, under a rock, behind a wall, quality players who can qualify academically and help us.. and we will find them. But, we are not going to sign guys just to sign them.. They must be able to play and to help us in the future. We will not let up."

  Pastner, Football Coach Tommy West, and Women's Hoop Coach Melissa McFerrin attended the Tiger Scholarship Fund event in front of a packed house at the Hilton in East Memphis.

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