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Locally produced TV pilot premieres

"TaMara and the Scene" (Turnstile Entertainment) "TaMara and the Scene" (Turnstile Entertainment)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Mid-South students will appear on the silver screen Thursday night, when a locally produced TV pilot about a how fictional suburban student adjusts in a new inner-city school premieres at the Malco Paradiso.

More than one dozen students throughout Memphis and Shelby County got some real life acting experience thanks to director David Winston.

"I've gained confidence, self esteem...my acting skills are getting better and better," said LaPresha Flowers, who appears in the series. "I'm learning how to work with new people."

"I thought it would be get on camera and say your lines, but there is a lot more behind it that you have to put behind it to get the show to come out," actress Paige Smith added.

Director David Winston, who teaches acting classes, says it's kids like these who inspired him to create an outlet for their talent.

"If these kids were on the West Coast or New York, I think they would easily fit into the casting situation there," he said.

So Winston is hoping "TaMara and the Scene" will help create an acting scene in Memphis.  It's a show about a girl who gets a culture shock when she changes schools.  He's shopping the TV pilot around to networks, and in the meantime plans to create an audience through the internet.

Students say the project taught them more about the industry.

"Took a lot of time, patience, hard work and dedication," actor Ural Grant said.

Players in the series say seeing the finished product also showed them they can turn their dreams into reality.

"I didn't think I could do something like that," fifth-grade actress Mya Benson.

You can visit the shows official website by clicking here.

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