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Large tree crushes Memphis woman's car

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC-TV) - It wasn't severe weather that toppled a massive tree in Memphis Friday.
In fact, the skies were completely clear when Alice Tyrer got the scare of her life.

Every week, Tyrer has lunch at the Memphis Country Club, and she always takes the same route home.

After finishing lunch on Friday, Tyrer headed north on Goodwyn to her home near the Chickasaw Gardens area.

"Just driving along, and I was going slow because of those speed bumps. And when I looked and saw it coming," she said. 

A huge tree toppled and landed on Tyrer's car. She says it was was a miracle she survived.

"I just thought..this might be it," she said.

But it wasn't.

First, one part of the tree fell and hit Tyrer's car. She couldn't drive forward or in reverse.

Then a second, larger part of the tree fell.

She waited in the car wondering if there was more. She didn't know her car was surrounded by the live power lines the tree had taken down.

Then what you might call an angel appeared in the form of an emergency worker.

"She came up put her arm around my waist and said, 'I'm going to lead you through because there are live wires everywhere."

Tyrer says she can't believe she walked away without a scratch. "I didn't get hurt. It's just amazing."

And she still plans to go her weekly lunch at the country club, but she says she'll take a different route home from now on.

Power went out in the area, including traffic lights on Central during rush hour. And it might take a while to clear the mess on Goodwyn. But Alice Tyrer knows she's one lucky woman.

"I'm very grateful to be here from Mother's Day," she said.

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