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Former nurse explains problems at rape crisis center

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Tuesday, Action News 5 spoke to a nurse who worked inside the Memphis rape crisis center.  The city is under fire after recent rape victims faced delayed examinations due to unfilled shifts.

"This has opened up a can of worms that we've tried for years to open," she said.

The former nurse, who asked not to be identified, says as series of Action News 5 reports blew the lid off a longtime problem.

"This is not the first victim or the first two victims that have had to wait for a nurse," she said. "This is not the first shift that has gone uncovered.  These problems did not start in February."

In February, District Attorney General Bill Gibbons sent a letter alerting the city that unfilled shifts jeopardized evidence collection to prosecute sex crimes.  In a special report, Action News 5 revealed concerns about Yalonda McFadgon's experience to oversee MSARC as the Deputy Director of Public Services and Neighborhoods.

"The only thing I know about McFadgon is her criminal history," the former nurse said. "I don't know her education requirements, her professional experience as a manager, or her sexual assault experience."

But the nurse says the problems are not isolated to current leadership.

"The sexual assault center has had many problems for many years," she said.

The nurse says nurses were part-time, many with PhDs, and made just $30 to be on call, and $70 more if they took a call.

"The nurses need support, and they need support both emotionally and financially, and the city needs to stand behind them," she said.

Memphis City Council and Shelby County Commission leaders met with city administrators in a closed-door meeting Tuesday to try to solve the problem.

The city says they have six new nurses and are working to staff the center full-time.

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