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Dogs shot to death on owner's property

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Missy Thurmond says losing her two dogs is like losing two members of her family.

Foxy, 3, and Jack, 2, both border collies, were shot to death at Thurmond's home.

"I was so upset and shocked and I just never in a million years would thought you'd come home to that" said Thurmond.

Thurmond was not at home; however, she believes Jack was shot outside and Foxy was shot inside the garage.

Thurmond stated, "The way the blood was on the ground, you can tell she kind of thrashed around in it. Just with the amount and the way it was, it was horrible."

Thurmond says Foxy never ventured far from the garage. Because it was shut at the time, Thurmond thinks someone had to enter the garage through the back door.

Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Holt said, "You got a pretty sorry person that for any reason drives down the road and take it upon themselves just because they see someone's animals in the yard and start target practice on them."

Thurmond says she can't understand why anyone would want to harm her two dogs. She says they weren't wandering around or bothering anyone. They were in her yard and on her property, which is surrounded by farmland.

"It was a malicious, premeditated act. They targeted those two dog. It seems like it was someone who know how much those two dogs meant to us," said Thurmond.

Thurmond says her dogs were her babies and she has since buried them in her backyard.

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