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Atoka residents have a fear about flooding

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ATOKA, TN (WMC-TV) - When residents in one Mid South community couldn't get answers from city leaders about flooding concerns, they contacted Action News 5 for help. 

Heavy rains this past weekend pushed residents in an Atoka neighborhood over the edge. 

"Basically nobody responded, fire, rescue did not respond...nobody showed up...neighbors got together to help those displaced," said resident Jerry Sinclair.

When Sinclair built his home in 2005, it wasn't in a flood zone.  But after FEMA changed that a year later, Sinclair and others began questioning city officials about what would happen if flooding ever occurred. 

"We were basically told we were out of luck...nothing could be done," Sinclair said.

"They need answers, they deserve answers, and we're going to do everything in our power to help them," said Atoka City Administrator Mark Johnson.

But residents say help has come too late.  Pictures taken this past Saturday show major flooding, and what was left behind after the rain fell.

Neighbors in Atoka say that during this past weekend's rainfall, water was up to their ankles.  There were two inches of water in one home, forcing homeowners to rip out the carpet and put furniture in outside storage. 

City leaders say they're taking a proactive approach.  Engineers are studying whether or not to put up levees and widen drainage ditches to accommodate more water.

"Our property values have lowered," states Sinclair.

And residents hope they don't go any lower before the water goes back up.  

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