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Strickland calls for audit of rape crisis center funds

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - The regional rape crisis center in Memphis now has money troubles to go along with its shortage of nurses.

Memphis City Council member Jim Strickland called Thursday for an independent financial audit of the Memphis Sexual Assault Resources Center. The call followed disclosure that close to $500,000 in state funding provided for the center is not included in its budget for this year.

So far this fiscal year, the Sexual Assault Center has total expenditures of $733,409. The charges for services are listed at $100,000, leaving net expenses at just more than $633,000.

But Strickland recently requested numbers from the state.  According to those figures, the state of Tennessee has already re-imbursed the resource center a total of $538,200 on 724 cases, and Strickland says the center also received another $218,644 in grant money.

Combined it's enough to cover the total expenditures so far.

Strickland says he wants to know where that money is and the only way find out is to have the center's books examined by auditors who do not work for the city.

"That's what I don't know. I do not know where the money's gone," Strickland said. "When I met with the administration on Tuesday, they had no explanation for that. And that's why I've written the mayor a letter asking for an independent audit."

The rape crisis center, which is run by the city, has stirred complaints in recent weeks because of a nursing shortage that has caused delays in conducting medical exams of suspected rape victims.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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