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Jarvis Greer

CBHS Soccer Heads Back to State Tournament

Sub-State Action in the Tennessee High School Soccer Playoffs...

Top-Seed CBHS hosts 4th seed Franklin Battle Ground Academy for the right to go to the State Semifinals..

This one not even close as Christian Brothers pelts shot after shot at the BGA Goalie..

Already up 2-Nil, the Brothers Paul Banks winds and Fires... Blocked, Cecil Franklin right there for the Rebound...That's a Goal!

But, the Purple Wave not done with that..

Off the Long Throw in Right in front of the goal... Aundre Shelton right there for the Header that beats the keeper. Score it 4-Zip.

CBHS Right back on top of the net, 6'5" Sr. Mark Listes... finds the back of the net for the First Goal of his Career!

Brothers go on to get the Victory, in a shutout

Final 5-to-Nothing..

It's the Brothers 11th straight trip to the State Tournament.

Spring Fling begins next week in Murfreesboro.

The Div-2 Soccer Semifinals are next Thursday at Richard Siegel Park.

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