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Family updates condition of doctor injured by car bomb

Family members of Dr. Trent Pierce sent the following email Monday to update the doctor's condition.  Pierce was injured by a car bomb in West Memphis, Arkansas in early February:

Scott has been after me for many, many days to write a "Trent Update" for everyone. He says, "people want to know how he's doing, what's next." So, in the quietness of my kitchen I sit with pen and paper.

But, before I start, I want to thank Scott for all he has done to keep so many informed. In my upside-down world, I never saw any of Scott's emails, but so many of you have told me how thankful you were to be included in the "loop of information." When Scott agreed to be the family spokesman, I'm sure he never envisioned the overwhelming number of phone calls, conversations, and interviews that it would entail. Thank you Scott! Hears to the last update...

Yesterday we celebrated Trent's 55th birthday! Naturally, with our experience over the last 100 days, we paused to reflect on the real possibility that it might not have happened. A flood of emotions came to me. First and foremost the love of God, His enduring mercy and His grace, the realness of miracles, the awesome power of prayer, the blessing of family, friends and strangers -- how humbling. We know no other way to sum it up except gratitude.

From the first seconds on our driveway to our incognito exit from the hospital to home, everybody that's touched us has done so with immense skill and indescribable compassion. People have respected our privacy and allowed us to heal. Trent and I have spent hours in conversation with family and friends trying to process all that's happened. We've read hundreds of cards aloud. The postmark dates and the note inside have allowed Trent to "live" the "surviving" the rest of us have done. It's hard to comprehend the magnitude of this situation, to make sense of it. So, "going on" is the next step.

We have hurdles ahead, but you'll see us out and about -- that's who we are. We no longer have a cane, but we're still working hard to regain an endurance and strength. This week we completed an eyelid revision and a sinus surgery. We still have much to accomplish with restorative dental work and facial plastics. Next week we will have surgery to repair Trent's right eardrum. We're on the "slow" part now and that takes much patience!

In large part, Trent's passion for medicine is driving his recovery. We will never be able to repay the selflessness of so many physicians from all over the state that have worked to keep Trent's practice open; patients continue to come. They wait patiently for Trent's return. As Trent said, "They gave me a gift of time, time to heal, they have preserved a 26 year labor of love, my practice."

Trent's becoming more comfortable with the emotion that people express when they see him, many cry. At first he didn't know what to say. I remind Trent, "we lived this horror, you slept through it," such a happy ending is nothing short of a miracle. He smiles and nods his head.

Day by day...God's time, God's plan. We are optimistic. When you see us out, please give us the opportunity to thank you for loving us so!


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