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Community leaders fight to repair rape crisis center

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Deborah Clubb, with the Memphis Area Women's Council says while the city is acknowledging challenges at the facility, establishing a partnership with Le Bonheur may not be a good idea.

"We don't necessarily see it as a complete solution at all," said Clubb.

For Clubb, the main concern is staffing and funding.

"It's at least duplicating staff and the operation of service and nobody has explained how the funding would work," she said.

That's why Clubb's organization is suggesting the city takes several steps to make things a little easier.

Clubb wants to make sure all funds generated by victim exams are allocated to victims services and that all shifts at the center are fully covered.

The organization also suggests a victims services board be established and victim services be transitioned from the city to the county.

Clubb said, "What I would hope is that there is some opportunity for the county and the city, Le Bohneur and the Child Advocacy Center can come together to talk about how we can fix this problem."

In a statement posted on Twitter minutes after the mayor's announcement, Shelby County Commissioner Mike Carpenter says Quote "MSARC doesn't need Le Bonheur to be a success. State reminburse makes budget neutral. Proper management is key. Move an attempt to save face."

And while many leaders are still questioning what happened to the $600,000 allocated from the state of Tennessee that was under reported on the crisis center's budget. Carpenter wouldn't say exactly who is responsible, but he says someone should be held accountable.

"Clearly this is a management issue...What it is...I don't know," Carpenter said.

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