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Jarvis Greer

Grizzlies Get Number-2 Pick in NBA Draft Lottery

At least the Grizzlies get to KEEP their pick, this time.

Memphis NBA Franchise didn't get the coveted Number-1 in the NBA Draft lottery..

But, they do get the next best thing.

With just a 7.5% chance of getting Number-1, the Grizzlies get the Number-2 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery...with the Clippers getting Number-1.

Memphis was slotted 6th among the 14 teams in the lottery, but could've pick as high as 9th.

Grizzlies Fans attending the Draft Lottery Party at Buffalo Wild Wings in Poplar Plaza showed their frustration over Not getting Number One, but Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace says there are plenty of possibilities with Number-2.

"If we just stand pat..we'll get a good player.." Wallace says.  "Only one team is picking ahead of us. In Trading, we're in a great situation. Us and the Clippers, the other teams will be wanting to talk to us."

The Grizzlies have 2-more picks, a late First Round, and an early second.

They could keep one, or both..or trade either or both..

Lots of decisions to make before the NBA Draft on June 25th.

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