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Tree planted in memory of young hero

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Shovel by shovel, seven-year-old Kiethen Taylor's mom and dad, along with his classmates, planted a tree Thursday to remember their young hero.

"Just amazed at how the school would even think to honor him," said Kiethen's mother, Sharon Taylor.

How could they not? Little Kiethen saved the lives of two people.

"Even though he's gone, he's still living on through someone else," said Kiethen's father, Kiethen Taylor, Sr.

Kiethen, a Shady Grove second grader, died in a crash eight months ago when a woman smashed into the car he was riding in.

Officers said the woman behind the wheel had a diabetic seizure.

Kiethen's parents decided to donate their son's organs.

"It's a blessing to be able to give life," Sharon Taylor said.

Kiethen saved a six-year-old girl, and a young man.  Kiethen's father said his son would have been proud.

"He would have joked about it later, said "'For real?!'"

Shady Grove Elementary School's Principal says when students see the crepe myrtle tree, she wants them to think of fun memories of Kiethen, a child with a big smile who loved to whistle and read.

The tree planting ceremony brought back a lot of those memories for his mom and dad.

"He would always leave his backpack and tennis shoes right in front of the stairs, always," Sharon said. "That's something I do miss, because I don't have anything to trip over anymore."

But now, because of Kiethen's donated organs, a six year old girl is able to keep leaving out that backpack and shoes - for her mom.

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