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Reported by Andy Wise

Ask Andy: Yard sale strategies

Relaxing this past Memorial Day weekend, I noticed some of you are already making a big mistake with your yard sales.

You held one on a holiday weekend.

Chris Heiska, editor of the Yard Sale Queen web site (, says you should never hold a yard sale on a holiday weekend, even if you plan to advertise all week long in the paper.  A big chunk of your customer base has flown the coop!  You need that chunk to cash in!

Pick a non-holiday weekend.  Check your newspaper's yard sale ads early in the week, then put your ad in mid-week with your sale scheduled 30 minutes before the other sales.  That should help get more folks out to your sale first.

Comb through stores' sales circulars, clip any ads for the products you're selling, and attach those circular ads to the products in your yard sale.  That way, shoppers instantly see what a good deal you're offering on the used items.

In every electronic item, install new, but cheap batteries.  Electronics sell better and bring higher prices when they have working batteries in them.

Put all your stuff on tables. Your stuff is less appealing when it's sitting on the ground.

Make sure you have a "man table" loaded with tools, books, DVD's, etc.  Selling a lawn mower or barbecue grill?  Put that bad boy right out front!  Heiska says married couples stop at yard sales more often when there's something for the man of the house.

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