Affidavit details events leading to deputy shooting

We are learning more about what happened just before a Shelby County Deputy was killed in the Line of Duty. Much more information is emerging about what happened when Deputy George Selby was shot and killed while trying to serve a search warrant for drugs last week. Investigators arrested two men in the house on Chattering Lane, but released Calvin Joe Williams without charging him. Williams statement to investigators is revealing.

The sight of law enforcement officers surrounding a house on Chattering Lane caused some neighbors to panic. Jonathan Bozart, Neighbor said, "My neighbors were running inside to call the police because they thought someone was robbing too." But should the people inside the house have known who was outside. According to an affidavit of complaint, here's what happened. Officers knocked hard and loud on the front door and loudly announced who they were several times. The officers used a pick to open the metal ornamental door and were trying to open the wooden door with a ram when gunfire came from inside the house. A bullet hole marks the exit that it came through the wall hitting and killing Deputy George Selby who was on the front porch. One of the men inside told investigators, "He (Calvin Joe Williams) heard the officer knock on the door loudly and identify themselves as police/sheriff narcotics. He stated the defendant (Reginald Rome) then came down the hall armed with a revolver and Williams started yelling at the defendant several times that it was the police, not to shoot. He stated the defendant then did fire the gun at the front door and he continued to yell at him not to shoot that it was the police."

Investigators found a 357 magnum in the house with six spent rounds. A search warrant shows a confidential informant tipped off officers saying drugs were sold and stored in the house on Chattering Lane. The warrant shows narcotics officers seized 4.0grams of marijuana, two crack cooking tubes that tested positive for cocaine, scales, rolling papers and a razor blade with cocaine residue.

Neighbors say Calvin Joe Williams is Reginald Rome's brother in law. Williams was released without police charging him. He did say he had nothing to do with the shooting. But what about the drugs and drug paraphernalia? Investigators say they had no proof Williams owned the drugs. Rome owned the house.Williams was just a guest who gave the Chattering Lane address when he was arrested for public drunkenness several years ago.