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Reported by Andy Wise

Ask Andy: Credit cards for low credit scores

You're shopping lower-rate credit cards, but your credit score is a little rocky.

There still might be a credit card for you.

But first, let me say responsibility rules the day here.  The lower your score, the fewer card options that are out there.

Pay those bills, folks!

But Emily Peters of has shared a few cards for folks who have low scores, but who need a way to boost them by improving their debt-to-credit ratio (in other words, increasing your percentage of available credit):


CAPITALONE STANDARD PLATINUM CARD ( Now I, for one, am not a big CapitalOne fan. It's one of the worst rate-hikers in the business (see my Ask Andy story here:  In fact, this card has a whopping 22.7 percent interest rate, but there's no annual fee.  Peters says that might be the best deal someone with a fair credit score can get on a no-annual-fee credit card.

PR1MACARD PREPAID MASTERCARD ( There's no interest because this is a secured card.  You set up direct deposit to an account linked directly to the card.  There's no credit limit to break.  You're bound by the amount in the account.  This one might be good for those who are tempted to cross that credit limit line.


APPLIED BANK SECURED VISA CARD ( A 10 percent APR, a $50 annual fee, and you must have at least $200 in a savings account as collateral for the card.

* TOTAL VISA UNSECURED CARD (  If your score is below 650 and you insist on an unsecured card, Peters says this one's your best -- and maybe only -- option.  Big time fees, a 20 percent APR, but if your score stinks and you want an unsecured card, that's what you have to deal with.

For folks who have good credit scores, but are considering transferring their balances to a card with a more competitive rate, shop cards at


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