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Reported by Andy Wise

Ask Andy:

A lot of you have been loading up my e-mailbox with "urban legends."

You know what I'm talking about:  those unsolicited e-mails about scams or outlandish stories, and you're all asking the same question.

"Is this true?" is the best way to find out. is the Internet's most reliable resource for either proving or debunking e-mail claims.

For example, some of you have forwarded me an e-mail about an alleged phone scam where a phone company tech calls you and asks you to press either 9-0-# or #-9-0 to run a diagnostic check on your line. The tech is actually a scam artist.  When you punch the numbers, you give up control of your phone line to him, and he goes on a rampage racking up expensive international phone calls.

Scary stuff, huh?

Now check out's listing on this scam:

With just a few keywords from the e-mail in's search engine, you'll find this complete investigation of the origin of the e-mail, which turns out to be a mix of true and false information. indicates business lines may be susceptible to the #-9-0 or 9-0-# scam, but not residential lines or cell phones. is an invaluable resource. You can trust it to be an accurate watchdog of those endlessly forwarded e-mails.  Check it first before you forward them to me, OK?

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