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Reported by Andy Wise

Stop Thief! Employee check theft in Desoto, Shelby Counties

This guy's been enjoying a pretty heft payday on somebody else's payroll.

Det. Dee Bowling of the Shelby County Sheriff's ALERT Unit (Area Law Enforcement and Retailers Team) says the suspect has cashed more than $6,000 in paychecks stolen from a Memphis-area grocery chain.

The Action News 5 Scam Cam started rolling on him after a few of the chain's employees complained that they did not receive their last paychecks.

"The corporate office did an internal investigation and found out the checks had been cashed," says Bowling.  "He's cashing these checks all over Desoto County, Horn Lake, Parkway Village and the University of Memphis area."

Bowling says investigators believe the suspect got his hands on the checks when they were transported between the chain's corporate office and the White Station Post Office, 5821 Park Avenue, in East Memphis.  

"We know that the company uses this post office to mail them out," he says.

The Scam Cam captured him cashing at least two of the checks at one or more of the stores' customer service desks.  Each time, the cashier never asks for identification. 

At least once, he's wearing a store employee badge with a name that matches the employee's name on the check.

Detectives believe the badge is either stolen, borrowed or faked.

So who is he?  Can you make him out?  If so, click here:

That's the home page of the ALERT unit.  At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link where you can e-mail its detectives your anonymous tips.

You can also call ALERT's tip line at 901-756-LOSS.

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