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Reported by Andy Wise

Ask Andy: Car tag REFUND!

A goof on one of the fees in our Shelby County car tag renewals spells R-E-F-U-N-D for some of us!

In fact, I got my $60 check for paying the fee for two straight years -- a fee I should have never been charged in the first place.

I'm talking about the MUNICIPALITY FEE that is assessed on our Shelby County vehicle registration renewals.

If you live in Bartlett, Germantown or Millington, it's $25, and you have to pay it.  The money goes to your city's general fund.  Your board of aldermen decide how to spend it.

If you live in Collierville, it's $20, and, again, you have to pay it.  Collierville's board of aldermen decide how to allocate the funds.

If you live within the city limits of Memphis, it's $30.  The bulk of that money helps cover the costs of the city's vehicle inspection stations.

Now here's where the refund comes in:  if you live in unincorporated Shelby County, including the part of Cordova that Memphis did not annex, YOU DO NOT PAY THE MUNICIPALITY FEE.  It's $0!

Because of Cordova's mix of city and county-only residents, the Shelby County Clerk's office has mistakenly billed the fee to some taxpayers -- including ME -- who shouldn't have paid the fee.

"A lot of times, (the reason is) split zip codes," says Shelby County Clerk Debbie Stamson.  "You have part that is in the city and part that is in the county, and if the customer will call us and let us know, we will be glad to refund their money back to them."

If you were incorrectly assessed a municipality fee with your vehicle registration renewal, contact the Shelby County Clerk's Office at 901-545-4244 or click here:

Someone with the clerk's office will check your information against property records and utility records to confirm that you live in unincorporated Shelby County.


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