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Oakland homeowner shoots, kills intruder

Anthony Webb Anthony Webb
Willie Woods Willie Woods

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OAKLAND, TN (WMC-TV) - Authorities in Fayette County are investigating a shooting during a home invasion Monday morning near Oakland that left one person dead.

Homeowner Willie Woods said he awoke in the middle of the night to his wife, daughter, and to grandchildren screaming that someone was on their porch.  Then, he heard the sound of breaking glass and saw an intruder entering his home.  Woods said he tried to warn the intruder off.

"I ordered him not to come into the house," he said.

Fearful about what might happen next, Woods grabbed his pistol, and pulled the trigger when the intruder stepped inside.

"Right through the window - just walked right through the window, so I shot," he said. "I fired about three shots."

The intruder, Anthony Webb, was struck and killed by the bullets. 

Webb was Woods neighbor.  Woods said he didn't know who he'd shot until after the fact, and he wants a chance to speak with Webb's father, Leroy.

"I'd tell him how sorry I was," Woods said. "I'd let him know - I did that because I had to."

Investigators said the shooting was justified, and refused to file charges.  But Woods' cousin, DeLois Harris, disagreed.

"Everybody around here knows Anthony.  Anthony doesn't bother anybody," she said.  "He had no right to do what he done."

The Fayette County Sheriff's Department is still investigating, but deputies have no plans to arrest anyone at this point.

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