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Jarvis Greer

Report: Tigers Dozier SAT Problem?

With the University of Memphis Basketball Program set to Meet the NCAA this coming weekend over possible infractions involving entrance exams..a NEW allegation comes to light.

Garry Parrish of CBS reports former Tiger star Robert Dozier wound up at Memphis because his home state Georgia Bulldogs declined to enroll him over concerns someone may have taken HIS SAT.

Parrish reports through a source Dozier took the SAT before trying to enroll at Georgia in 2004.

He had originally committed to Memphis.

The Bulldogs were still reeling after charges of academic fraud during the Jim Harrick era, and flagged Doziers' score after receiving a quote -tip- something might not be right with it.

Memphis internal probe found no evidence of cheating.

Dozier subsequently enrolled at Laurenburg Prep along with 4 other future Tigers,

He and Antonio Anderson graduated from the U of M in May.

Roburt Sallie is still in school... Shawne Williams is in the NBA.. and Kareem Cooper transferred to UTEP.

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