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Hopefuls line up for insurance jobs

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Dozens of people searching for jobs turned out for a presentation Wednesday by one of the only companies in the area that seems to be hiring - Liberty National Life Insurance Company.

Renika Hull, a single mother to a nine month old, said her current job is only part time.

"When I started it was part time 29 hours, and set pay," she said. "They haven't had any full time positions opened lately, so I'm stuck doing what I'm doing."

The fifty resumes she says she's sent out over the past couple of weeks have brought few results.

"This is the first call I got back," she said.

Liberty National is looking for more than 100 sales agents and sales managers for its two new Memphis branches.  Branch manager Terah Mims says things are going well for the life insurance company despite the bad economy.

"When things are going good we live it up, we spend money, we don't think about if something happened to me, what would happen to my husband, my children," she said.

If Hull decides to take the job, she'll need to put in the work to make money.  Salaries are commission based.

"We are looking for those who have a great work ethic, who are adaptable, who are trainable," Mims said.

Hull says she's willing to work for commission if it means she can better provide for her child.

"It's been crazy because a lot of companies aren't hiring right now," she said.

For more information on jobs at Liberty National, click here: http://www.libnat.com/lnlrecruiting/

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