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Advocates upset over mayor's MSARC remarks

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Womens' advocates had a lot to say after Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton's explosive presentation Tuesday to the Memphis City Council about problems at the Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center.

Memphis Area Women's Council Executive Director Deborah Clubb said she was offended when Mayor Willie Herenton accused politicians and community advocates of ignoring crime involving African Americans.

"To have heard the mayor indicate that somehow we were there only because people who look like me are suddenly worried is inappropriate and insulting," she said Wednesday.

Clubb also disagreed with the mayor's claim rape victims got lost in hidden agendas.

"We have no special interest agenda other than the rights and protection of our victims," Clubb said.

Clubb questions the mayor's assurance all 96 shifts at MSARC are now covered.

"We're being told that was in part because a couple people have put themselves down for shifts beyond any human endurance," she said.

Clubb said the two administrators overseeing MSARC don't have to be penalized for the problems, just removed from that post.

"When it comes to leaving any people in charge of something that they showed that they could not do it well, then I think we have to make a change," she said.

Clubb also has more questions about the money.

"Show me the rest of the budget that shows me the money you spent, and keeping those supplies in place, and on having those supplies there that injured victims need when they show up without anything to wear," she said.

While LeBonheur is now caring for child sex assault victims, Clubb said she is still worried about teen and adult victims left at MSARC.

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