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Somerville police chief continues his recovery

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SOMERVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - It's been a little over one year since former Somerville Police Chief Kenny Feathers was critically injured while wrestling for charity, and finally, the tables have turned for the chief. 

"Last year at this time, we were tickled he was opening his eyes up...having trouble opening up both of them," said Feathers' wife Tina.

For weeks, Tina Feathers didn't know whether or not her husband, Kenny, would make it. But after numerous surgeries and hours of physical therapy, Feathers is recovering after what Tina and others say is a miracle.

"If we had given up two nights after they had done the surgery, Kenny might not be here and if he was he probably would be in a nursing home," Tina continued.

Tina recently shot cell phone video that shows her husband shaving himself.  It is one of many things Kenny can now do by himself.  And even though he doesn't say much, his wife knows her husband understands everything she is saying.

"I've tried to explain to him, your words may not come out like you want them to, but they're words and that's a step," she said.

Casts were put on Feathers' legs two weeks ago after an operation to improve his flexibility. 

"He tells me when he gets them off, he will walk again," she continues.

One of Feathers' hands still doesn't work.  But his wife hopes another operation will help straighten his fingers and hand back out.

And as they adjust to a simpler lifestyle, the Feathers family is taking it one day at a time.

"You find out you don't need as much...just being here, alive, breathing," adds Feathers.

Tina Feathers keeps a weekly blog of Kenny's progress.  To access that blog, click here.

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