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Reported by Andy Wise

Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Chefs Erling Jensen/Karen Roth, plus scores as of 5/24/09

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The sour cream was just a little too "sour" this week at Cafe Ole, 959 Cooper St. in Midtown Memphis.

The restaurant failed its health inspection with a 67

The inspector's report cites sour cream and beef chunks at "potentially dangerous temperatures."  The word "dirty" appears 21 times to describe Cafe Ole's conditions.

The inspector actually gave the place a critical violation (5 points off) for a sink's spray nozzle dangling too low off of the sink's basin.

"They said the spray nozzle was too long," says Reggie Frazier, Cafe Ole's general manager.  "I had never heard that before, but, hey, they are the health department. They make the rules. All those things have been fixed."

Cafe Ole bumped its score up to an 82, according to the re-inspection report.

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Chefs Erling Jensen and Karen Roth, Erling Jensen, 1044 S. Yates, Memphis, (901)763-3700,

Customers nominated Erling Jensen and Karen Roth as this week's Chefs of the Week for their fine dining niche in a city of barbecue joints. 

Roth is the master PREPARER.  Jensen of Denmark is the master PRESENTER.  They design dishes that are as much works of art as they are treats to taste.

"I can't find this quality of food, at this level, anywhere in New York," says Michael Gandy of New York/Pennsylvania, who visits Memphis four times a year just to eat at Erling Jensen.  "This is truly the best restaurant that you can visit here in Memphis."

Roth, a New Yorker herself, specializes in custom sauces and sautes.  She really outdoes herself with wild game like the kangaroo short-loin, which tastes like the most tender flank steak.

"'Come on, how often can you say you took down the kangaroo at the zoo and got to enjoy him for dinner?" jokes Roth.

"Each dinner that goes out is the best that I ever, ever done," says Jensen, "and hopefully, the customer will be happy."

I've been a happy customer for years.  Now our viewers have nominated them, too!

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Kangaroo with mushroom pasta, filet mignon stuffed with bleu cheese, buffalo with lobster Bernaise sauce, wine selection

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