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Detective was angry with city's handling of child rape victim

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Tapes released by Bartlett police Friday give further insight into what happened on the day a 14-year-old rape victim was turned away from the Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center.       
On April 25, Bartlett police were investigating the rape of a girl. Detectives followed protocol by contacting Memphis police to arrange for a nurse to meet them at the region's rape crisis center.

Initially, detectives were told an MSARC staff nurse was on her way.

Over a two and a half hour period, Detective Kevin Martin made multiple phone calls to several agencies.

He told police, "We've been sitting out here for almost an hour now."

But after waiting outside the building with the victim for much of the evening, it became clear that the nurse wasn't coming.
"Now, if they don't get anybody out here, do they have an alternative plan to where we need to go?" said Martin.
As investigators were losing crucial time, the detective's demeanor turned from impatient to angry.

"What the hell is going on with Memphis? Is this something I need to address through the detective division administration about how this s***'s being handled?"

At one point, Martin even called out the woman in charge.
"Yeah, I know what their issues are because - guess who runs this whole thing now? I'm gonna tell you...Yolanda McFagdon," he said. 
Eventually, Martin was told there were no nurses coming and no one was on call. He was told to return with the child victim the next day.

This week, the Memphis City Council voted to pull all funding from the city's mismanaged rape crisis center in an effort to get Shelby County to take over its operations.
Shelby County commissioners will consider that proposal next week. 

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