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Motorcycle riders team up to inspire Dyer county kids

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DYERSBURG, TN (WMC-TV) - Some Mid-South motorcyclists are on a mission to help save young people from a life of crime. 

The motorcycles are helping channel a little positive energy to children and youth in Dyer County.

"The motorcycles draw a lot of attention - they make a lot of noise and smoky tires and popping wheelies," says Kevin Newman with the Tennessee Rollerz Motorcycle Club.

Newman hopes the loud noise of his motorcycle will draw kids away from crime and toward a better life!

Tennessee Rollerz Motorcycle club members like Newman spend their time volunteering in an east Dyersburg neighborhood. 

"Its our goal to show these kids in the community there's another way to life other than what they see on TV or on the street corner," Newman continues.

"We're going to save them from drug activity, we're going to save them from crime, gang activities," says Bruce Community Center Director Stuart Edmonds.

At the corner of Bruce and Vernon streets sits the Bruce Community Center, a kind of home away from home for inner city children and youth.

Inside, Dyer county kids stay busy playing basketball other games. 

"I was born without a father figure - my father, he went to the Marines but when he came back he was totally tore up," says resident James Cole.

Cole is a community center success story thanks to volunteers like Kevin Newman. 

He's now trying to be a father figure to a new generation of kids. 

 It shows me the love that some people are trying to give to you that don't even know you," Cole continues.

And to the hundred or so kids who visit each day, a helping hand makes a world of difference. 

The Bruce Community Center with the help of the Motorcycle Club will host its 5th annual Taking Back Our Community Event this Friday and Saturday, June 12th and 13th.  All events will be there at the center at 801 Vernon street in Dyersburg.  The event is open to the public.

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