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Investigators: No charges in 9-year-old's death

A'Darrious Finley A'Darrious Finley

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RED BANKS, MS (WMC-TV) - A Mississippi family continued to mourn Wednesday after an argument between brothers ended in the death of a 9-year-old. Meanwhile, the Red Banks community tried to make sense of the tragic loss.

Wednesday, officials said the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation had examined the death of A'Darrious Finley, and the District Attorney's office had reviewed all the evidence.  Sheriff's investigators said the case was closed, and no one will face any charges in A'Darrious' death.

"As a result of it, a young man was killed," said Captain Kelly McMillen of the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.  "And it's just a tragic accident, and nobody's to blame for it."

According to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department, A'Darrious and his older brother got into an argument after his older brother beat him at a racing game on the Nintendo Wii.

Investigators said A'Darrious got his father's shotgun, loaded it, and brought it back into the room.  The pair struggled over the gun, which fired, killing A'Darrious almost instantly.

"I don't think there was anything done wrong in this situation," McMillen said. "It was just a tragic accident."

Investigators said Finley's parents were responsible gun owners who had taught their kids about the dangers of guns.  However, the gun was not kept under lock and key.

McMillen said owners must decide for themselves whether keeping their guns locked up gives them the chance to get to a weapon if it is needed.

Regardless, McMillen recommends keeping your guns in a safe place, and teaching children about the dangers.

"If you get to that situation where you teach them and show them things, you still have to continue doing it as they grow older," he said.

The Marshall County Sheriff estimates that 75 percent of gun owners in the county don't keep their weapons under lock and key.

Action News 5 has not yet spoken with Finley's pastor, but other pastors in the area say the 9-year-old was a regular at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

Now, the congregation there is preparing for the child's funeral.

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