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Extra Credit: Campus School TCAP

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - It's called Campus School and is located on the University of Memphis campus. Because of the 2008 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program or TCAP scores, it's the number one elementary school in Memphis and 9th in the state of Tennessee.

We dropped in for a visit and let the school's director, Dr. Susan Copeland tells us why Campus School seems to work so well...in her own words:

"This is the effort of teachers who are passionate about what they are doing...who are professional and who care very deeply about the children that we serve...We have students this year from 28 different zip codes....We're reflective, in many ways, to the population of the city of Memphis...Diverse...which is a huge gift in this city and in this time. But they come at this school with the knowledge that they're going to be working with children that are different from them and they treasure that...And so, this is living proof that in this city we can get along, we can work for the good of each other because it happens here, everyday. And I guess if I'm proud of anything, I'm proud of that...We are working very hard in closing the achievement gap between minority students and white students and economically disadvantaged students...But what we are doing consistently is not only maintaining that, but raising their space where they are proficient and advanced, and that's the true test of a school...You can't get anywhere if you're not willing to value the moment ...But to also take a chance that can get you things that you never thought you could have...And then, if it's wrong, you swim backwards and make up so fast and push ahead...But that's the only time that we, as a people, have ever made any progress, is when we're willing to push the boundaries, push the boundaries and prove to our kids that it's okay to fail...That you only succeed if you've ever failed."

Campus School runs from 1st through 6th grades and is a part of the Memphis city school district, but under the control of the University of Memphis.

The elementary school serves as a sort of "teaching laboratory" for the U of M's College of Education. Of all the elementary schools in Tennessee, Campus School is in the top 20 for reading and language arts.

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