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Reported by Andy Wise

Ask Andy: Car tag delays/mailings

Susan Henning of the Shelby County Clerk's office says a computer goof in Nashville caused some of you to miss your June mail-out of your car tag renewals.

Don't panic.   They're on their way.

Henning says the computer problem at the Tennessee Department of Safety's offices had delayed the mailings of hundreds, maybe thousands, of June car tag renewals.

She says everything's been fixed, but the chaos has a few of you a little unsure about mailing in your upcoming renewals.

Rest assured, you can still renew your car tag registration by mail with or without the official notice from your county clerk's office.  

No matter what Tennessee county you live in, you can mail in your car tag renewal BY CHECK.

Include on the check your CAR TAG NUMBER, and if you live within the Memphis city limits, also include your PROOF OF INSPECTION LETTER that proves you had your most recent vehicle inspection.  

If you didn't receive a renewal notice, mail that check to YOUR COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, not the state. Your county clerk's office is the one that handles auto registration renewals.

You can still mail in renewals of handicap placards, too.  Those also go to your county clerk's office.

To connect to the Shelby County Clerk's office and for information on the municipal fees associated with tag renewals, click on this Ask Andy story:


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