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Residents ask: Where is Mayor Herenton?

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - With thousands of people still without power, many Memphians are turning to their local leaders for answerers.  But not everyone has been visible after the storm, including the Memphis mayor.

On a sweltering day in Memphis, you don't see folks sitting out on their front porches or just standing around talking.

"It's so hot in their right now, it feels better out here than it does in there," one south Memphis resident said.

Take a closer look in south Memphis, and you'll see trees on houses and other damage that knocked out power to residents here and a lot of other places.

Monday, many residents were asking, 'Where is Mayor Herenton?'  The mayor's spokesperson said he toured some of the hardest hit areas of Memphis over the weekend, but couldn't say where.

"He's probably enjoying his life and not worrying about the poor people or the rich people," storm victim Ozella Foster said.  "He's looking our for himself."

Deborah McNary said she would love to see the mayor.

"So I know he doing something, trying to help out something. It's reassuring," she said.

The only word we've heard from Mayor Herenton came in a six page press release sent out by the Mayor's spokesperson. It says the mayor is getting damage reports, and people should be patient as MLGW works to restore power.

Even Shelby County Mayor AC Wharton, who held a news conference to update people, couldn't get the mayor.  He said this when asked if he had talked with Herenton:

"Yes, we just got off the phone with Keith McGee."

It was pointed out that Keith McGee is not the mayor of Memphis.

Wharton: "Yes, I've been in touch with his office."

But not the mayor, who couldn't be reached for comment Monday.

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