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Neighbors blame MLGW, not storm, for outage

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV0 - As the sun shined on the Buntyn neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, the temperature inside many homes equaled the stifling heat outside.

12 year-old Chloe Butler was forced to use a flashlight to find her bedroom.

"It barely makes it in the day-time," said Butler.  "But it works at night," she added.

The Butlers and their neighbors had reached their boiling points over the lack of power.

"The longer it goes on," said Gina Butler.  "The more you can't take it any more," she added.

"Sometime next week, sometime this week," said neighbor Tre Brauer.  "And every time you call MLGW, you get a different answer," she added.

They told us they've seen crews come and go.  However, they've done more harm than good, in their opinions.

"We didn't lose power because of the storm," said Brauer.  "We lost it because of MLGW," she added.

Neighbors claimed their power actually stayed on during Friday's storms before going off sometime Saturday.                   

Since then, transformers have blown and one house caught fire.

Action News Five was first on the scene of that house fire Monday night.  A battalion chief told us it appeared a utility crew working to restore power apparently caused some sort of surge that ended up sparking a small fire in the home's attic.  MLGW says it is investigating the incident.

Meantime, those wondering why they lost power in the first place were left feeling "powerless."

"Just do what you say you're gonna do," demanded Brauer.  "Put us back up," she added.

An MLGW spokesman told us it's not uncommon to have outages after a storm moves through.  The utility stressed crews are doing everything they can to restore power to all customers.

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