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Police called Halbert during son's run-in with officers

Memphis City Council member Wanda Halbert Memphis City Council member Wanda Halbert

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) Memphis Police are reviewing tapes surrounding a run-in between patrol officers and the son of Memphis City Council member Wanda Halbert.

The review is part of an internal investigation being conducted by Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin to determine if Halbert interfered with police procedures when officers charged her son Saturday.

"My son is an adult and I will not discuss his personal business," Halbert said. "That is something he will have to deal with."

But Halbert says she did go to the scene when police questioned her son, and police woke her up to inform her about the incident.

"I'm a mother first, a City Council member second, and I don't co-mingle the two," she said.

We now know the chain of events early Saturday morning.  A source tells Action News 5 the Airways Station precinct colonel made the decision to give Councilwoman Halbert a "courtesy call" the night her son was cited for disturbing the peace and simple marijuana possession.

Here's what the source says happened: The officers were on another call on Highland Street when they overheard Halbert's son, Kevin Burrus, and a female shouting at one another.

Burrus and the female told the officers to leave them alone since they did not ask for assistance, but the officers informed the two they were disturbing the peace.  That's when officers found a small amount of marijuana in Burrus' back pocket.

The source says Halbert's son repeatedly shouted "Wanda Halbert's my mama!"  Patrol officers relayed the information to superiors, and according to the source, the Airways Station precinct colonel had a call made to Halbert shortly thereafter.

Halbert's son was charged, but not arrested, drawing the attention of Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin.

"I'm just a little concerned - not that the officers did anything wrong," Godwin said. "That's why I'm doing an investigation."

Action News 5's source said the woman was also charged, with disturbing the peace.

Godwin has not yet released the results of his internal investigation, but said an arrest decision is at an officer's discretion.

Halbert maintains she has done nothing wrong.

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