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Dangerous Tipton Co. intersection causes concern

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BRIGHTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Residents in Brighton say accidents along one stretch of road are happening more and more, and they want something done about it.

Car after car after car, more than 20,000, travel through the intersection of Highway 51 and Woodlawn Avenue each day!  Residents say all these cars need to slow down before someone gets killed here.

"I just think something needs to be done," resident Leigh Shahan said.

"On most causes, a red light is gonna be your best choice," resident Vickie Baker added.

And residents say not having a red light at the intersection is the problem. 

Dr. John Hughey, whose office is just steps away from Highway 51 and Woodlawn, was one of the first people to arrive on the scene after a recent accident.

"Lady was ejected from the vehicle," he said. "There were eight victims between two cars."

Since 2003, there haven't been any fatal accidents at the intersection, but there have been 28 injury accidents and 25 wrecks with property damage. 

The Tennessee Department of Transportation says the intersection doesn't meet federal requirements for a traffic light, but they are working with engineers to improve its overall safety.

Some of those proposed improvements include making it right turn only onto the highway into the south bound lanes.  But many feel a stop light is the best solution.

"When you pull into the median over here, there's a blind spot on your car between the windshield and side glass of the car," Shahan said..

But for those who've seen accidents happen, making the intersection safer is a top priority.

"You never know, and its scary and you never know who its gonna be," continues Baker.

Federal guidelines for traffic signals include traffic count, types of turning movements, and accident history.  And even though no traffic light will be put up at this intersection, engineers hope to have a final report to the state within the coming weeks.

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