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Mid-South father left paralyzed by falling tree

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South father will be spending this Father's Day at the Regional Medical Center, after being severely injured during the wild storms that swept through the region one week ago. 

40-year-old Marc Floresca was playing roller hockey Downtown with his 11-year-old daughter, Kyla, when the storm hit.

Floresca's wife, Gigi, says 70 mph winds prevented them from getting safely back to their vehicle.

"He was bending over his daughter because his daughter said 'I'm afraid, I'm scared'. He said 'don't be scared, Kyla,'" said Gigi Floresca. "Hugged her and heard this tremendous cracking sound. Before he knew it, he got whipped at the back."

Mark Floresca protected his daughter with his back as a tree came crashing down, injuring his spinal cord.
Kyla called 911, but the line was busy. Eventually, a helpful bystander managed to get through.

After losing consciousness, Mark Floresca awoke to find his daughter hovering over him, urging him to get up. But he wasn't able.

"That's when he realized 'something's wrong,'" said Gigi.
She says her husband is now paralyzed from the hip down, with only a ten percent chance that he'll ever walk again.
"Ten percent is ten percent of hope. Even if it's one percent, it's still hope," she said. "Even if there is none, the fact that he is alive is a hope."

Mark Floresca, a registered nurse who loves to coach sports and play everything from hockey to soccer, now has no feeling in either of his legs.

"Such a wonderful guy...full of life. And that's why this incident is so heartbreaking," said Gigi.
Marc Floresca is in good hands: his wife is a physical therapist who has spent her career helping people like her husband learn how to recover from spinal injuries.

The Floresca family will have to make changes to their home to make it accessible for Marc. A fund has been set up for this purpose. If you'd like to make a donation, you can drop it off at any Fidelity National Bank branch in Arkansas, or mail a check to:

Fidelity National Bank

P.O. Box 2288

West Memphis, Arkansas 72303


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