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Jarvis Greer

Rubio Works Out for Sacramento...Sort of

There are few players in this NBA Draft who've only worked out for 1 team or two..

One of them is Spanish Point Guard Ricky Rubio..

Rubio just completed his only pre-draft workout in the States, a closed door deal with the Sacramento Kings.

Sacramento has the 4th pick in the Draft.

Rubio did NOT workout against anybody else, and by all accounts in the Sacramento Bee Newspaper, his training session was less than Stellar.

A Phenomenon at just 18-years old, Rubio himself said he needed other players on the court...but, his agent, Dan Fagan is NOT letting that happen.

The Grizzlies are getting grilled locally and Nationally over what they'll do as holders of the Number-2 pick in the Draft..

Grizz G.M. Chris Wallace appeared on ESPN's Rome is Burning program this afternoon to shed some light on that question.

Wallace acknowledged there's lots of hearsay on whether Rubio wants to play for Memphis...but says that's all it is...

Wallace reiterated to Rome if the Grizz want to take Rubio, they'll take him.

We'll have to wait till Thursday night to find out.

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