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Reported by Andy Wise

Andy's Scorecard: Best in Whitehaven, plus scores as of 6/14/09

There's an 0-2 count on a University of Memphis hot spot -- and the fastball's coming.

Newby's, 5395 Highland St. near the U of M campus, failed its second Memphis-Shelby County health inspection in three weeks with a 61. (read my Scorecard about the first inspection here:

One of the critical violations in Newby's first inspection May 26 was a broken sink in the women's bathroom with neither hot nor cold water. 

The health department's follow-up inspection report dated June 8 indicates the sink had still not been repaired.  The report also says the "establishment has 4 days to clean up area behind establishment that is filled with junk items & is grown up with bushes and weeds...failure to comply may result in legal action."

Newby's Brian "Skinny" McCabe allowed us to conduct our own inspection.  It appears they did mow and clear the weeds and bushes, but there's still a nasty mess of fixtures, appliances and garbage back there.  "Michelle," the bartender, says the junk isn't the junk the health department referenced in its report, but she says someone's coming to collect it.

The sink in the ladies' room, however, has been repaired.  I checked -- with Michelle's permission and escort, of course!

Good luck on your third inspection, Newby's.  Three strikes, and you're going to court.

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Valle's Italian Rebel, 1636 Winchester Road, Memphis (Whitehaven), 901-345-5164, LUNCH ONLY 11AM-2PM.

Our Scorecard viewers nominated this three-generation Italian treat as the Best Place to Eat in Whitehaven. 

Louis Valle and his family make and bake their own bread, plus some of the best lasagna I've ever put in my mouth! 

Chances are, if you work at FedEx or at the airport -- or attended Bishop Byrne High School in the last 32 years -- you've had at least a slice of pizza at the parlor that's been inside the old Whitehaven township firehouse since 1977.

Customers love how clean everything is, how everything's homemade from the bread to the Italian sausage to the signature sub sandwiches.

"This is my first time here...pretty good!" says a smiling Terrica Baggett of South Memphis.  "And I'll be back, and I'll bring some more people with me!"

They'll have to get in line -- behind me!

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Valle's Lasagna, Family-Size Pizza, Chocolate Cannoli

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