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Crews remove massive tree from Midtown home

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Nearly three weeks after a storm knocked a huge tree into a Midtown family's home, clean-up crews began the awesome task Monday of trying to haul it away.

It was a sight Beverly Walker's family has been waiting weeks to see, as the huge limbs were hauled off and chopped up so the main section of the tree could be lifted off her roof.

Walker says the 80-foot red oak came crashing down into her sister's Midtown home during intense storms several weeks ago.

"My niece and my sister were inside when the tree fell, and apparently the force was so great it knocked them off their feet," she said.

A man sleeping in a bedroom had to be rescued after being trapped by the tree.  Dollar damage and repairs are expected to be thousands of dollars.

"The whole west side of the house hasn't been safe," she said.

Adding to her Walker's grief is the fact that her son was murdered last month in an apparent robbery.  Walker said he worked in tree removal, and had he lived, he would be heading up efforts to clean up damage done by the tree.

As a tribute to her son, Walker plans to turn some of three into a carving with her son's name on it.

"This is what my son would be doing," she said. "This is what my son did. This is real bittersweet."

Removing the tree won't be cheap.  Walker said by the time everything is done, she could be paying in excess of $15,000.

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