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Tennessee laws taking effect July 1

Tennessee laws taking effect July 1

Here is a look at some of the Tennessee laws passed during the 106th General Assembly that take effect on Wednesday:

  • Prohibiting people from reading or sending cell phone text messages while driving. SB0393.
  • Allowing Tennessee consumers to have wine shipped directly to their homes. SB0166.
  • Requiring increased energy efficiency in state buildings and vehicles. SB2300.
  • Prohibiting sex offenders from being within 1,000 feet of certain places where children are likely to gather. HB1120.
  • Ending a requirement for Tennessee firearms dealers to take the thumbprints of people buying guns. HB0254.
  • Forbidding aiming a laser pointer at firefighters and emergency medical technicians. HB0815.
  • Creating an offense for falsely wearing military decorations. SB1168.
  • Printing larger dates of birth on Tennessee driver's licenses to make them easier for retailers to read.
  • Making it a criminal offense for a person to disseminate autopsy images without consent from the deceased's family. SB1517.
  • Allowing school districts to sell color advertising on school buses. SB0073.
  • Requiring vending machines installed on state property after July 1 use energy efficient lighting, and mandates that vending machines needing repair must have the new lighting installed if they are on state property. SB0395.

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