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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Meals on Wheels RV

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - His ministry is called Sober House, but Pastor Larry Hunter is filling more than just the needs of people suffering from addiction with his new tool in the fight against crime.

It doesn't look like much now, but Hunter has a vision of what his RV will become.

"The reason I need this mobile home is because I've seen a great need out there," he said.

With a little elbow grease, the RV will be transformed to deliver meals on wheels, taking food into the community to serve the hungry, especially children.

One of Hunter's inspirations is the children he's seen turned out of corner stores who don't have money to pay for their snacks.

"The owner a lot of times would make the kids get out of the store," he said. "A lot of them would come to the store and try to steal a candy bar or potato chips and that really touched me."

The RV was donated by Davis Motor Homes in south Memphis. Danny Davis said it didn't take much arm twisting to share Pastor Hunter's vision of how this unique meals on wheels program could work in several communities.

"We all need this," Davis said. "We all need what he's doing. We all need to work together, and that's the best you can do." 

Hunter believes the roving RV cantina can be more than just a nutrition center.

"As we begin to go around to different parts of the city of Memphis, we can not only feed people but we can encourage them that they can do better and have a better life.," he said.

And, it will help Davis take back his neighborhood.

"This meals on wheels will not only feed people, but it's going to take a bite out of crime."

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