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Herenton sounds off in Memphis Flyer interview

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton is telling all in an exclusive interview with the Memphis Flyer's Jackson Baker. 

In the interview, the outgoing mayor talks candidly about many things, including what many believe was a deal he and A.C. Wharton cut during dinner at Le Chardonnay during Herenton's last mayoral campaign.

Since then, there's been a lot of speculation about what the two mayors discussed over dinner.  We now know thanks to the in-depth interview with Mayor Herenton published in this week's Memphis Flyer. 

In the interview, Herenton said he told Wharton he deeply resented his flirtation with running for city mayor, and that Wharton should have never entertained the idea.

A portion of the Flyer's interview was video-taped.  Click here to watch.

"He said he felt my style was divisive, while he believes in unifying," Herenton said. "That I just need to tone down my style.  Being the mayor is a leadership role. His problem with me was style"

Herenton went onto say had Wharton decided to run for city mayor, it would have been ugly,  because he would have, "described him."

In the end, Herenton said, he would have won.

While the mayor talked a lot about a possible match-up with Wharton, it's the colorful word he used to describe Congressman Steve Cohen that took even veteran columnist Jackson Baker by surprise.

"I've known Cohen for over 30 years -- and to be honest with you, he's an ***hole," said Herenton.

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